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Also similar to Club Penguin - and also Spark City World - you can walk from area to area as well as using the is the worlds first music themed virtual world for kids.The upper shelter is on the south side and the lower shelter is on the north side.

Excavations were conducted intermittently since the 1940s focused primarily on the southern, lower level of the cave. 4000 pre-historic items were found at the site, 2180 of which were chipped stone artifacts.Secret Builders Are you wanting a fun world where you enjoy and learn at the same time.

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This pattern of heavy reliance on local raw materials holds to other sites in the Palmer Divide area.

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You will be in an environment designed around being creative, socializing and learning.Research into the woven materials indicates technical affinities with peoples to the South and Southwest during the early to middle Archaic transition.Franktown Cave is the largest rockshelter documented in the Palmer Divide.A fun cooking game where you make fruit smoothies Action - Other Fruit Smoothie.

Nelson and Sarah Studenmund collaborated on a paper and found that the pottery from Franktown cave can all be considered a single type.

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They can be divided into four categories. 2180 chipped stone artifacts were excavated.The game offers exciting gameplay, in which you can create your own online avatar dress-up stylish clothes.Franktown Cave is located 25 miles south of Denver, Colorado on the north edge of the Palmer Divide.Potsherds include cord marked and plain wares. 351 perishable artifacts were excavated.Population size and mobility changed during the Archaic periods.

This is where Franktown Rocks comes in, providing a fun online game for tweens (ages 8-12) where they can play games, make music and so much more.Manz, analyzed 500 pieces of lithic debitage, waste flakes from the manufacture of stone tools in the Franktown Cave collection in 1973.As of 2005, Franktown Cave is the only well documented rockshelter site to have evidence of middle Archaic occupation on the Palmer Divide.

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It was found that different types of sandals were made for the winter and the summer.A sneak peek at some upcoming cartoons from Franktown Rocks -

Cedar Point Village - archaeological site in southwestern Colorado also having Dismal River culture artifacts.Artifacts from AD 780-1290, the middle Ceramic period, include small, distinctive side-notched projectile points, clothing, charcoal, potsherds, a sinew and twig net, and corn cobs.From 35 Franktown attractions, Yelp helps you discover popular restaurants, hotels, tours, shopping, and nightlife for your vacation.

Winter sandals which had more complex straps and a grass sock, and a summer sandal with simpler straps and no grass sock. Charles W.Franktown artifacts from the Archaic period reflect the influence of the southern Apishapa culture of the Arkansas basin and the Upper Republican plains people of the South Platte basin in northeastern Colorado and northwestern Kansas.The mark consists of a rainbow with the colors blue, orange and green.Hide used for the production of clothing were found in the faunal remains.

The cave was created when water eroded the soft, water soluble layers of Dawson Arkose formation through seeps below a thick, hard shelf of Castle Rock Conglomerate.Like Club Penguin, rather than furniture in homes and areas being interactive, you just walk on top of them.The southern portion of the cave was dry which preserved most of the excavated items.This game permits you to make a player, and explore a virtual city while building new friends, making music, playing games, listening to music and more.

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Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain World Heritage Site.Easiest access is on the western side, riding the blue trails to it.Players create a character, then walk around the city of Franktown interacting with each other, playing games, making music, listening to songs, watching videos, and much more.


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